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Special Programs


Everyday, we help you identify risks and offer you solutions other brokers may not have even known existed.

Food Industry - Growers, Processors, Auxilary Services

Maintaining your reputation is a key exposure in your industry.  RRM&I understands this and designs cost effective programs that will keep you in business and your customers satisfied, should an unfortunate incident occur. 

Health Care and Assisted Living - hospitals, physician groups, convalescent care providers

Because this expanding industry is under served in the insurance world, RRM&I developed creative alternative solutions and is uniquely positioned to help you face the high insurance costs and significant litigation risks inherent in your business.


Controlling costs is key to being more competitive and winning more business. With extensive experience in bonding and construction insurance, we guarantee competitive pricing. We will help you keep up to date on safety programs with value added services that give you a wining advantage.

Manufacturing - manufacturers, importers including pallet manufacturers

RRM&I loss control and safety expertise help you reduce workers compensation costs and mitigate your product liability exposure - the keys to converting insurance costs into a competitive advantage. 

Non - Profits and Social Services

In addition to operational and fidelity risks, you require effective solutions for fiduciary and professional liability.  We understand your environment and can tailor cost effective plans providing broad protection for you, your employees, and volunteers. 

Real Estate - Property Owners, Managers, Developers

Whether you own one single-use building or manage thousands of units across the country, we individually tailor your protections using proprietary risk transfer tools, specialty insurance companies, and broad protection.  Our solutions provide unmatched cost effectiveness and peace of mind. 

Technology - Hardware, Software Developers, Circuit board manufacturers, etc.

RRM&I stays on top of the dynamic culture of the technology industry.  They are aligned with carriers who provide the unique coverage you require - always on the most competitive terms. 

Other Specialty Coverages

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